About Tajikistan Expeditions

Tajikistan Expeditions (a part of Safar Expeditions) is an adventure travel company specializing in unique journeys in the Central Asian nation of Tajikistan. With several years of experience exploring the high mountains, low valleys, and just about everything in between, we are excited to share the beauty of Tajikistan with you.

After several years of exploring Tajikistan, we’ve gotten to know many of the country’s best guides, drivers, guesthouses, routes, road trips, and adventures so we’re confident that we can create a unique and unforgettable trip for you to the ‘Roof of the World’. We also put together scheduled group departures too.

Kyzyldong, Southern Alichur Range, Tajikistan

Nicole Smoot- Founder and Expedition Designer

Despite being born and raised in the mountains of Alaska, the dazzling turquoise lakes of the Fann Mountains and the ice-capped peaks of the Pamir lured Nicole to Tajikistan many years ago where she has been spending several months per year ever since trying to explore every mountain, valley, lake, and remote vista in Tajikistan (she’ll likely never succeed). All the time she’s spent lost in the Tajik Mountains has taken her on to lead several expeditions across Tajikistan and work on tourism development projects there.

Completely unrelated to her ventures in Tajikistan, Nicole holds an associates of science in dental hygiene from the University of Alaska Anchorage which she uses on occasion when she’s back home in Alaska. But with all the traveling she’s done she’s gone on to become a travel writer and photographer and has had her work featured in several publications, websites, and international exhibitions (you can see some of her work on her blog too). Beyond Tajikistan, she’s also led expeditions in Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Egypt, China, Oman and other nations.

She honestly believes Tajikistan has got to be the most beautiful country in the world and loves to convince people why they need to come out here and see it with their own eyes- which led her to decide to start this expedition company.

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